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Радиокарта wlm54g23 802.11 b/g 200mW miniPCI radio

  • Status: active
  • Part numbers: wlm54g23 = Compex WLM54G 23db radio card, RoHS compliant
  • Chipset: Atheros AR2413
  • Connector: u.fl, compatible with PC Engines I-PEX pigtail cables. Pigtail and antenna must be ordered separately.
  • Issues: Must use WRAP BIOS 1.11 or later to use Atheros single chip solutions. Old BIOS does not keep PCI reset active long enough.
  • Note: Wireless radio cards are ESD sensitive, especially the RF switch and the power amplifier. To avoid damage by electrostatic discharge, the following installation procedure is recommended:
    • Touch your hands and the bag containing the radio card to a ground point on the router board (for example one of the mounting holes). This will equalize the potential of radio card and router board.
    • Install the radio card in the miniPCI socket.
    • Install the pigtail cable in the cutout of the enclosure. This will ground the pigtail to the enclosure.
    • Touch the I-PEX connector of the pigtail to the mounting hole (discharge), then plug onto the radio card.
    • Use external lightning protection for outdoor applications.
  • Compliance: These cards are intended for professional use, not end-user installation. This card is not CE marked, not for the EU market.
  • Origin: China


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