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Материнская плата RB/230

The only X86 model of the RouterBOARD SBC family, this device features PCMCIA, PCI, IDE and USB. For all your connectivity needs

  • General Purpose: Multifunctional Device
  • CPU: X86 NSC SC1100 266MHz
  • Memory: SODIMM slot
  • Ethernet ports: 2 x 10/100
  • Expansion: 1 miniPCI, 2 PCMCIA, 1 USB, 1 PCI
  • Storage: CF slot, IDE
  • Power for addons: 9W
  • Power Jack: 20~56V DC
  • PoE: 48V DC
  • Power over Datalines: no
  • Software: None

The RouterBOARD power series, for serious networks where more processing power is needed! The RB333 uses new PowerPC CPU design, specially made for networking applications, unstoppable power never seen in such small packages.


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